12:3 Spring 1984

Vol. 12:3

Spring 1984

At the Mouth of Two Witnesses  Shimon Bakon

The Striking of the Rock  Jeffery M. Cohen

Twins in Transition: Genesis 32:25-31 Re-examined  Herbert Rand

A Guide to Isaiah: Chapter 6  Chaim Pearl

Abstracts From Beth Mikra  Mordecai Sochen

Reflections of Readers:

In the Image of God  J. Cherchevsky

Adam's Conquest  Joel B. Wolowelsky

A Biblical Reverie  Miriam Y. Shrager

Was the Hasmonean State Secular in Orientation?: Part 2  Ben Zion Luria

Book Review: The Mark of Cain by Ruth Mellinkoff  Sol Liptzin

Moses and the Spies  Norman Asher

The Forthcoming International Adult Bible Contest

Letters to the Editor