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Jewish Bible Quarterly

14:2 Winter 1985/1986

Vol. XIV:2 (54)

Winter 1985/1986

The Synagogue: Its Origin and Development  Alter Hilewitz

The Rebellion of the Bechorim  Yosef Green

Names of Settlements in Israel: Biblical Terms Turned Into Names  Zeev Vilnay

Noahide Laws From Genesis to Genizah  Aaron Lichtenstein

Music and Prophecy  David Weintraub

Service of the Lips  Louis Katzoff

Who Was Shamgar Ben Anath  Ben Zion Luria

The Camel in the Bible and Talmud  S.P. Toperoff

Akedah: The Binding of Isaac  Hirsch Patcas

Book Review: Creation in the Old Testament  Sol Liptzin

Jerusalem in the Bible and Talmud: Part 1  Hyman J. Routtenberg

Rebecca's Encounter with Abraham's Servant  Irving Ziderman

Bible Trivia: The Number of Letters in the Shma  Chaim Abramowitz

Abstracts From "Beth Mikra"  Mordecai Sochen

Letters to the Editor  Naphtali Gutstein  Joel Klein  Alfred Weinberg  Eva Alter  Jeremy Kahan