16:3 Spring 1988

Vol. XVI:3 (63)

Spring 1988

Free to Set a King Over Thee Louis Katzoff

Looking and Privacy  Louis Katzoff

Adam's Missing Years: Evolution of a Legend  Sol Liptzin

Eye For Eye  Shimon Bakon

The Cyrus Cylinder and Isaiah 40-50  Aaron Lichtenstein

The Saga of the First Born  Benjamin Goodnick

Praise Waiteth For Thee (Ps. 65:2)  David Hacohen

Who Was Melchizadek  Edmund Berg

El Shaddai  Jacob Felton

Adam I and Adam II  Sidney Breitbart

The Goat in Bible and Midrash  S.P. Toperofff

Book Review: Jepthah and His Vow by David Marcus  Chaim Abramowitz

Letters to the Editor  Ernest Neufeld  N.E. Dangoor