16:4 Summer 1988

Vol. XVI:4 (64)

Summer 1988

Sodom: Manner, Morals, Misdeeds  Louis Katzoff

Noblesse Oblige Louis Katzoff

Job: The Third Cycle David Wolfers

Anitophel of Gilo: Two Literary Portraits  Sol Lipzin

Tehilim: The Book of Psalms  Haim Geveryahu

Compulsory Education  B.Z. Luria

Communication Problems  Ze'ev W. Falk

Double Meanings in the Song of Songs  Benjamin J. Segal

Genesis 14 - Meaning and Structure  Nahum M. Waldman

Polarization in the Mosaic Period  Jeffrey M. Cohen

Linguistic Elements in the Book of Ruth  Miriam Schneid-Ofseyer

The Hart and Hind in Bible and Midrash  S.P. Toperoff