21:3 July - September 1993

Vol. XXI:3 (83)

July - September 1993

Editorial  Shimon Bakon

Engraved with the Names  Patricia J. Berlyn

Joseph and his Brothers  Arieh Ben Yoseph

The Jacob-Esau Reunion  Jeffery M. Cohen

The Strange History of 'Kasher'  Josiah Derby

And Ekron as a Jebusite (Zehariah 9:7)  Yosef Freund

Redemption: Time and Space  Berel Dov Lerner

The Lex Talionis in the Torah  Stuart A. West

Bible Translations: How Reliable?  Joshua J. Adler

Subsistence Struggles of Early Israel  Abraham Ruderman

Letters to the Editor  Ronald Hyman  Gerry Myers