22:1 January - March 1994

Vol. XXII:1 (85)

January - March 1994

Editorial  Shimon Bakon

The Old and the New JPS Translations  Saul Leeman

Rational Torah  Jacob Chinitz

Three Singular Plurals: Job 18:2,3  David Wolfers

The Fourth Commandment  Josiah Derby

Not a Blacksmith Could be Found  Walter Riggans

The Anatomy of the Joseph Cycle  Ernest Neufeld

Eikev: The Consequences of God's Judgement  Judith Z. Abrams

On Angels  Hindishe Lee

Reflections of Readers: Year or Season?  Herbierto Haber

Book Review: Assimilation Versus Separation: Joseph the Administrator and the Politics of Religion in Biblical Israel  Patricia J. Berlyn