22:3 July - September 1994

Vol. XXII:3 (87)

July - September 1994

The Messianic Idea: The Real and the Hidden Son of David Yehezkel Kaufman

Checkmate: The King is Dead  Patricia J. Berlyn

The Number 40 in the Bible  Aron Pinker

The Nature of the Decalogue  Jeffery M. Cohen

A Problem in the Book of Ruth  Josiah Derby

Milk and Honey  Abraham H. Gottesman

New Torah Dialogues  Hayyim Halpern

Reflections of Readers: A 'Yod' in Teiasseh (Exodus 25:31) Heriberto Haber

The Annual Bible Contest  Joshua J. Adler

Letters to the Editor  Bernhard Lazarus  Earl Klein  Gabriel Sivan