22:4 October - December 1994


Vol. XXII:4 (88)

October - December 1994

Song of Songs  Shimon Bakon

They Are No Longer, For God Has Taken Them  Shubert Spero

Sound and Silence  Nahum M. Waldman

Jacob's Deception of his Father  Benjamin Goodnick

Creation and the Torah in Psalm 19  Daniel G. Ashburn

Nabal, the Villain  Ben-Meir

New Torah Dialogues  Hayyim Halpern

Isaac's Wells and Israel's Return Terry John Lehane

Reflections of Readers:

Pomegranates as Temple Requisites Asher Eder

The Tower of Babel Revisited Samuel Dershowitz

Letters to the Editor Zvi Abells  Douglas Ben-Shimon