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Jewish Bible Quarterly

24:3 July - September 1996

Vol. XXIV:3 (95)

July - September 1996

The Bible: Israel's Spiritual and National Roots  David Ben-Gurion  

Not to Inflict Hurt on Animals  Shimon Bakon  

Was Abram Born in Ur of the Chaldeees?  Shubert Spero  

Atbash in Jeremiah: Part 2  Scott B. Noegel  

Balaam - Some Aspects of His Character  Benjamin Goodnick  

Isaiah and Cyrus  Josiah Derby  

Darshanut: Does God Have a Sense of Humor?  Amitai Halevi 

Notes on Megillat Ruth - Chapter 4  Aharon Pollack

Reflections of Readers:

"Hidden Treasure" in Scripture  Saul Leeman

An Obstetric Problem  Joseph Jacobs

Jacob's Two Dreams  Simon Novak

Torah Dialogues (Third Series)  Hayyim Halpern

Book Review: Rachel  P.J. Berlyn

A Visit to Armageddon  Abraham Ruderman

33rd International Bible Contest for Youth  Joshua J. Adler

Letters to the Editor  J. Jacobs  S. Levin