24:4 October - December 1996

Vol. XXIV:4 (96)

October - December 1996

The Patriarchs David Ben-Gurion

Zerubabbel: The Messianic Hope of the Returnees Benjamin Uffenheimer

Psalm 145: Its Two Faces Jacob Chinitz

Cain: Why is He Featured So Prominently in the Bible? Julius B. Moster

Consequences of the Akedah Jeffery M. Cohen

Atbash in Jeremiah: Its Literary Significance: Part 3 Scott B. Noegel

The Earth is Full of Your Creations (Psalms 104:24) Beth Uval

David's Census: Additional Reflection Joshua J. Adler

Hinds in Psalm 29 Herbert Cohn

The LXX and the Bible: Matter for Thought Heriberto Haber

Darshanut: Counting the Omer: Two Perspectives Theodore Steinberg

Torah Dialogues (Fourth Series) Hayyim Halpern

Letters to the Editor Jonathan Pearl, Julius B. Moster, Dagan Ben-Shimon, Shubert Spero