25:1 January - March 1997

Vol. XXV:1 (97)

January - March 1997

And the Writing Was the Writing of God  Shubert Spero

Why is Pesach So Late?  Saul Leeman

Leah's Eyes  Seelenfreund & Stanley Schneider

Judah Hahasid: Three Contoversial Commentaries  Ben Zion Katz

Arami Oved Avi  Neville Krausz

David's Conquest of Jerusalem  Josiah Derby

Transportation in the Bible  Clarence H. Wagner

The Red Heifer Ritual: A Rational Explanation  Martin H. Greenberg

Torah Dialogues  Hayyim Halpern

The President's Bible Study Group  Joshua J. Adler

King Balak: Happy Endings  Theodore Steinberg

A Dead Sea Psalm  Abraham Ruderman

Letters to the Editor  A. Smith  Shubert Spero  Max Sulzbacher  Jacob Chiniz