25:3 July - September 1997

Vol. XXV:3 (99)

July - September 1997

Koheleth and the Modern Temper  Dan Vogel

Baruch Ben-Neriah: The Man Who Was Not a Prophet  Patricia J. Berlyn

Divine Names  Nahum M. Waldman

The Daughters of Zelopehad Revisited  Josiah Derby

Shavuot - Z'man Matan Torateinu  Saul Leeman

A Variant Text From the Isaiah Scroll  Daniel D. Stuhlman

The Dilemma of the Sanctuary  Jeffrey M. Cohen

The Sabbath Commandment: Its Two Versions  Asher Eder

Darshanut: Domestic Politics  Theodore Steinberg

Torah Dialogues  Hayyim Halpern

Royal Building Projects and the Ethics of Royalty  Abraham Ruderman