25:4 October - December 1997

Vol. XXV:4 (100)

October - December 1997

The Punishment of Job's Friends  Julius B. Moster

The Rape of Dinah  Ernest Neufeld

Satanic Verses - Part 2  Aron Pinker

P'shat: An Innovative Method in Torah Commentary  Judah H. Henkin

From Yerushalem to Yerushalayim  Josiah Derby

Pronounciation: A Key to Meaning: I Kings 3:16-28  Herbert Rand

Esau's Wives  Jed H. Abraham

Large Numbers in the Hebrew Bible  J.W. Wenham

Darshanut: The Universal Message of Death  Hayim Granot

34th International Bible Contest for Youth  Joshua J. Adler