26:1 January - March 1998

Vol. XXVI:1 (101)

January - March 1998

Reclaiming Esther: From Sex Object to Sage Leila l. Bronner

A Slip of the Reader and Not the Reed: Part 1 Scott B. Noegel

The Funeral of Jacob: A Joint Hebrew-Egyptian Affair Shubert Spero

Centralization of Worship Shimon Bakon

God and Man in Biblical Action Jacob Chinitz

From the Euphrates to the Nile Josiah Derby

Kimchi and Tanhum ben Yosef Hayerushalmi on Chronicles Ben Zion Katz

From "Seventh Day" to "Shabbat": Dualities in Genesis 2:1-3 Jonathan Perl

Darshanut: Jethro - Who Was He? Theodore Steinberg

Letters to the Editor Asher Eder  Shimon Bakon  Julius B. Moster  Saul Leeman