28:1 January - March 2000

Vol. XXVIII:1 (109)

January - March 2000

The Book of Zephaniah: Allusions to the Tower of Babel Aaron Pinker Spero

Archetypes in the Patriarchal Family Moshe Reiss

The Meaning of 'צמח ה in Isaiah 4:2  J.J.M. Roberts

The Saga of the Ark  Josiah Derby

King of Princes: An Exegesis of Hosea 8:10  Herbert Cohn

Jacob: Father of a Nation Shimon Bakon

Archaeology and the Bible Joshua J. Adler

Rahab the Harlot and Other Philosophers of Religion  Berel Dov Lerner

The Akedah: Machloket L'Shem Shamayim  Shubert Spero

The Preference of Ephraim Zvi Ron

Darshanut: Noah and His Family Relations  Hayim Granot

Letters to the Editor Simon Chanito  Cecily Solomons