28:3 July - September 2000

Vol. XXVIII:3 (111)

July - September 2000

Thoughts on an Allegorical Reading of Jonah Ronald T. Hyman

The Epilogue to Jonah Pinchas Kahn

Daniel Shimon Bakon

The Warhorse of the Lord Dominic Rudman

The Patriarchal Family in the Light of the Midrash: Part 1: Abraham and Sarah Chaim Spring

Korah and his Aspirations Benjamin Goodnick

Nahum: The Little-Known Prophet Harold Kamsler

A Fresh Look at Nebuchadnezzar Josiah Derby

Septuagint Vocabulary in the Gospels and Acts Lawrence Briskin

Darshanut: Mothers and Sons: In Defense of Lot's Wife Tzipora Ne'eman

Letters to the Editor Schneir Levin Lawrence Briskin