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Jewish Bible Quarterly

29:2 April - June 2001

Vol. XXIX:2 (114)                                                        

April - June  2001

Table of Contents

The Book of Daniel: A Guide for Judaism in Exile  Fred Blumenthal 

Jacob's Choice in Genesis 25:19-28:9  Pinchas Kahn

Observations on Some Cruxes in Amos: Part II  Aron Pinker

Bible Translators as Arbiters of Ambiguity: Part I  Ronald T. Hyman

"And Abraham Stood Yet Before the Lord"  Shubert Spero

Kedushah, Holiness, and Ethics  Dinah Minkoff

The Evolution of a Law  Josiah Derby

The Akedah: Machloket L'Shem Shamayim Sofa L'Hitkayeim  Berel Tov Lerner

Job's Displaced Kidneys: Job 19:27  Kevin Snapp

A Puzzle in the Pentateuch?  Johnson Teng Kok Lim

Darshanut: Holidays: Some Pecularities  Shimon Bakon

Letter to the Editor  Asher Eder