30:1 January - March 2002

Vol. XXX:1 (117)                                                        

January - March  2002

Table of Contents

Universalism and/or Particularism  Yosef Green

Joseph and Daniel: Court Jews and Dreamers  Bezalel Naor

Seeking Vindication, Especially in Jonah  Ronald T. Hyman

Was Psalm 50 Misplaced?  Shubert Spero

Three Rationalist Explanations of Prophecy  Larry Magarik

Is Incest With a Daughter Permissible?  Benjamin Goodnick

The Prophet Versus the King  Moshe Reiss

Observations on Some Cruxes in Amos: Part V  Aron Pinker

Darshanut: In the Presence  Theodore Steinberg

Genesis I  Sidney Breitbart

Letters to the Editor  Bernhard Lazarus  Henry Skirball  Josh Backon