31:2 April - June 2003

Vol. XXXI:2 (122)                                                        

April - June  2003

Table of Contents

Abraham's Ten Trials and a Biblical Numerical Notation  Scott B. Noegel

Hosea and Gomer Revisited  Yosef Green

Understanding the Beginning of Genesis: Just How Many Beginnings Were There? Daniel M. Berry

Irrevocability of Persian Law in the Scroll of Esther  Ben Zion Katz

Turning to Jerusalem in Prayer  Shubert Spero

Exile and Return  Shimon Bakon

Deuteronomy's Definition of Jewish Learning  Charles Isbell

Foretold, Fulfilled, Copied  Lawrence Briskin

Struggling with Angels and Men  Jeffery M. Cohen

The Nature of Kinat David: Public or Private?  Eve Eichenhotz

Letter to the Editor  Walter Zanger