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Jewish Bible Quarterly

32:1 January - March 2004

Vol. XXXII:1 (125)                                             

January - March 2004

Table of Contents

Editorial  Gabriel Sivan

"According to the Law of Moses"  Jacob Milgrom        

Military and Archeological Aspects of the Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Joshua  Yigal Yadin

"And These are the Judgements That You Shall Set Before Them" (Ex. 21:1): "As a Set Table" (Mekhilta)  Shubert Spero                   

Biblical Reiteration: Expansion and Chronology  Ben Zion Katz   

Was Habakkuk Presumptuous?  Aron Pinker                 

Samuel and Saul: A Negative Symbiosis  Moshe Reiss                        

Minhag in Judaism  Harold Kamsler                          

Naomi's Mission: A Commentary on the Book of Ruth  Brian Weinstein                   

The Halakhah of the Humash  Jacob Chinitz                                    

Is the "Queen of Heaven" in Jeremiah the Goddess Anat?  Herbert Cohn

Rosh Hodesh as a Woman's Holiday  Rochelle G. Saidel                     

Darshanut: Thou Worm Jacob  Theodore Steinberg

Letters to the Editor  Asher Eder,  Jonathan C. Kelman,  Moshe Reiss