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Jewish Bible Quarterly

32:4 October - December 2004

Vol. XXXII:4 (128)

October - December 2004

Table of Contents

Minimalism: The Debate Continues: Part II  Charles Isbell

Derekh Hokhma: Two Aspects of the Exodus Narrative: Part I  Yamin Levy

Jeremiah, the Suffering Prophet and Ezekiel, the Visionary  Moshe Reiss

The Expanding Perspectives of the Sabbath  Pinchas Kahn

Jacob and Esau: The Relationship Reconsidered  Shubert Spero

The Akedah Test: What Passes and What Fails  Malcom E. Schrader

Ezekiel the Sentinel  Shimon Bakon

Beged or Simlah: Is there a Difference? Mois A. Navon

An Inner Light  Theodore Steinberg

Letter to the Editor  Aron Pinker