33:2 April - June 2005

Vol. XXXIII:2 (130)

April - June 2005

Table of Contents

The Journey of Terah: To Ur-Kasdim or Urkesh?  Patricia Berlyn

Nahum - The Prophet and his Message  Aron Pinker

A Midrashic View of Ruth Amidst a Sea of Ambiguity  Hayyim Angel

The Meanings of Akh  Russell Jay Hendel

Samson and Samuel: Two Styles of Leadership  Fred Blumenthal

Ten Terms in the Torah: For Teachings, Commandments and Laws  Jacob Chinitz

Hatan Damim - The Bridegroom of Blood  Jeffrey M. Cohen

The Women Around Moses  Moshe Reiss

Darkness and Light  Theodore Steinberg

Letters to the Editor  Shubert Spero  Israel Stein