34:2 April - June 2006

Vol. XXXIV:2 (134)

April - July 2006

Table of Contents

The Biblical View of Tyre  Patricia Berlyn

Balaam and His Talking Donkey  Fred Blumenthal

Why the Walls of Jericho Came Tumbling Down  Shubert Spero

Shechem: A Foreshadowing of the Future and a Metaphor  Moshe Schwartz

Nahum 1: Acrostic and Authorship  Aron Pinker

The Sabbath: To Remember, To Observe, To Make  Asher Eder

Deborah: Judge, Prophetess and Poet  Shimon Bakon

The Family Relationship of Simeon and Dinah  Moshe Reiss

Dodanim/Rodanim: Three Approaches  Zvi Ron

Creation and the Limitations of the Creator  Jacob Chinitz

Why Shamayim is Sky  Gerardo Sachs

End of Exile?  Theodore Steinberg