34:3 July - September 2006

Vol. XXXIV:3 (135)

July - September 2006

Table of Contents

Zoroastrianism and Biblical Religion  Charles David Isbell

Distinguishing Jacob and Israel  Herbert Block

The Positive and Negative Traits of Gideon as Reflected in his Sons Jotham and Abimelech  Hayyim Angel

Abraham's Hospitality  Jeffrey M. Cohen

Seder Olam and the Sabbaticals Associated with the Two Destructions of Jerusalem: Part I Rodger C. Young

Multiple Functions of Wells in the Tanakh  Ronald T. Hyman

Biblical Puns  Russell Jay Hendel

Book Review: Threads From a Coat of Many Colors: Poems on Genesis  Dan Vogel

Letters to the Editor  Curt Leviant  Joel Litke