35:1 January - March 2007

Vol. XXXV:1 (137)

January - March 2007

Hopping Between Two Opinions: Understanding the Biblical Portrait of Ahab  Hayyim Angel

Who Authorized Israelite Settlement East of the Jordan?  Shubert Spero

Biblical Formatting: Visual and Virtual  Russell Jay Hendel

Abraham and Balaam: A Biblical Contrast  Ricky Novick

Samson: A Tragedy in Three Acts  Shimon Bakon

The Role of the Shoe in the Bible  Jacob Chinitz

Restructuring Psalm 85  David J. Zucker

Abraham's Moment of Decision: According to Levinas and Rembrandt  Moshe Reiss

The Solomon and Sheba Story in Ethiopia  Jack Fellman

Letters to the Editor Israel C. Stein  Sue Tourkin-Komet