35:2 April - June 2007

Vol. XXXV:2 (138)

April - June 2007

Job's Persectives on Death  Aron Pinker 

Moses at the Waters of Meribah: A Case of Transference  Pinchas Kahn 

The Torah as Divine Fire  Mark Verman 

Jonah, the Reluctant Prophet: Prophecy and Allegory  Fred Blumenthal 

Chaos or Chiasm? The Structure of Abraham's Life  Rachel Yudlowsky 

The Weight of the Ark of the Covenant  Elihu A. Schatz 

Phineas: Hero or Vigilante?  Paul Steinberg 

The Kiss of Esau  Mois A. Navon 

Book Review: Understanding the Hebrew Bible  Dan Vogel

Letters to the Editor  Israel C. Stein