35:3 July - September 2007

Vol. XXXV:3 (139)

July - September 2007

The Literary Significance of the Name Lists in Ezra-Nehemiah Hayyim Angel

Esau and Jacob Revisited: Demon Versus Tzadik? Pesach Schindler

Patriarchal History: Action and Reaction Jeffery M. Cohen

Restructuring Psalm 47 David J. Zucker

Sacrificing Isaac: A New Interpretation Zoltan Fischer

Self-Effacement in the Bible Gloria Wiederkehr-Pollack

Shakespeare's Forgivable Portrayal of Shylock Brian Weinstein

Ruth and Naomi: Foremothers of David Moshe Reiss

Was the Egyptian Experience Necessary? Joel Litke

Seeing the Good of Israel Theodore Steinberg

Letters to the Editor Gilad J. Gevaryahu / Asher Eder