36:4 October - December 2008

Vol. XXXVI:4 (144)

October - December 2008

Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and Timeless: Part I  Etan Dor-Shav

Two Hymns to Wisdom: Proverbs 8 and Job 28  Shimon Bakon

The Covenant Between the Parts Jed H. Abraham

Rebekah's Hoax  Guy Matalon

Remembering Amalek Twice  Allan M. Langner

Ruth: The Legal Code for the Laws of Kindness Russel Jay Hendel

Blood Feud Gerardo Sachs

Jacob and the Spotted Sheep: The Role of Prenatal Nutrition on the Epigenetics of Fur Color Joshua Backon

The 45th Annual International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth Joshua J. Adler

Reflections of Readers  Oscar Davies