37:1 January - March 2009

Vol. XXXVII:1 (145)

January - March 2009

Prophecy as Potential: The Consolations of Isaiah 1-12 in Context  Hayyim Angel

Lord Byron's Midrashic Lyrics: Part I - Saul and Others  Dan Vogel

The Menorah Psalm Shubert Spero

Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and Timelass: Part II  Ethan Dor-Shav

The The Real "Suffering Servant": Decoding a Controversial Passage in the Bible  Mordecai Schreiber

Jonah the Rebellious Prophet  Raphael Shuchat

Spirit is Thicker Than Blood  Jacob Chinitz

Jepthah's Daughter  Moshe Reiss

Letter to the Editor  Jacob Chinitz