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Jewish Bible Quarterly

38:1 January - March 2010

Vol. XXXVIII:1 (149)                                         

January - March 2010 

Biblical Prayers and Rabbinic Respones: Balancing Truthfulness and Respect Before God  Hayyim Angel

A Note on Judges 13:20-21: Sorting Out the Syntax  Robert Chisolm

Ketovet Ka'aka (Leviticus 19:28): Tattooing or Branding?  Gilad J. Gevaryahu

The Hidden Mission of Biblical Angels  Irving Skolnick

The Ten Commandments as Positive Affirmations  Leo Michel Abrami

Did the Wall of Jericho Collapse or Did the City Surrender?  Avraham Lorderbaum Dafna

Sacrificial Categories and Personality Types  Russell Jay Hendel

Numerical Symbolism in the Dedication of the Altar Joel Forman

Could Pre-Hebrew be the Safa Ahat of Genesis 11:1?  Isaac Elchanan Mozeson

Book Review: Masters of the Word: Vol. II  Dan Vogel

Letters to the Editor  Fred Gottleib  Gerardo Sachs