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Jewish Bible Quarterly

38:2 April - June 2010

Vol. XXXVIII:2 (150)                                         

April - June 2010 

The Transition to the Second Trip to Egypt: Narrative Devices in Genesis 43:1-14 Ronald T. Hyman

The Genealogical List in the Book of Ruth: A Symbolic Approach  Zvi Ron                     

Pharaoh's Three Offers, Moses' Rejection and the Issues They Foreshadowed Shubert Spero

The Book of Daniel: Part I: A Theological-Political Tractate Addressed to Judean Hasidim Under Seleucid-Greek Rule  Nathan Moskowitz   

Early Traditions on the Kidnapping and Sale of Joseph: Part I  Jeffery M. Cohen                  

Significant Anonymity in Exodus 2  Mark W. Gross                       

Who Wrestled with Jacob?  Fred Blumenthal                        

Flood, Salt, and Sacrifice: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Genesis  Steven Luger                 

Book Review: The Torah: A Modern Commentary, Revised Edition  David J. Zucker                             

Letters to the Editor  Condie Erwin  Jacob Chinitz