42:3 July - September 2014

Vol. 42:3 (167)     July- September 2014

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College Program

Rashi's Midrashic Comments are Supported by a Broad Range of Biblical Texts  Moshe Anisfeld

The Reign of King Solomon: Diplomatic and Economic Perspectives  Yosef Green

Midrashic Interpretation of Psalms 6 and 20  Arie Folger

The Book of Jubilees and the Midrash: Part 3: The Tower of Babel  Zvi Ron

A Soothing Savor  David J. Marwil

Thoughts on the Death Penalty: From the Written Law to the Oral Law  Shimon Bakon

"Heeling" in the Torah: A Psychological-Spiritual Reading of the Snake and Jacob's Wrestling Match  Hayyim Angel

Downplaying the Davidic Dynasty  David J. Zucker  Moshe Reiss

Third Adult Bible Contest 2013  Joshua J. Adler

Book Review: The Composition of the Pentateuch: Renewing the Documentary Hypothesis  Ben Zion Katz

Book Review: A New English Translation of the Septuagint  Simcha Rosenberg

New Books Briefly Noted

Letters to the Editor

Instructions to Authors