43:4 October - December 2015

Vol. 43:4 (172)     October - December 2015

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College Program

Reconciling the Sacrifices of Ezekiel with the Torah  Reuven Chaim Klein

The Book of Ruth: A Contrast to the End of the Book of Judges  Jennifer Raskas

The Hidden Storyline Within the Biblical Texts Regarding David and Saul  Samuel Sorte

The Mystery of the Urim Ve-Tummim  Shimon Bakon

The Hidden Message of the Book of Esther: Assimilation is Not the Way to Salvation  Joshua J. Adler

Elon the Zebulunite of Aijalon: An Historical Theory  Nathan C. Moskowitz

The Pentateuch Quoted Intact: Evidence From Ezekiel and Psalms  Ben Zion Katz

The 52nd International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth  Joshua J. Adler

Book Review: I Kings - Torn in Two  Gad Dishi

Book Review: Outside the Bible: Ancient Writings Related to Scripture  David J. Zucker

Book Review: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures  Simcha Rosenberg 

Instructions to Authors