9:4 Summer 1981

Vol. 9:4

Summer 1981

The Mystery of Genesis 36  Stuart A. West

The Development of Biblical Prayer  Etan Levine

Schiller on Moses  Sol Liptzin

Military Intelligence in the Bible: Part 3  Reuben Efron

Why Did Joseph Let His Father Mourn For Him?  Norman Asher

On "Dukhan"  Edmund Berg

Aliens and Israelites: Part 1  Max M. Rothchild

Letters to the Editor: A Further Note on the Torn Robe  Harold Kamsler  

Torah Dialogues: Bemidbar  Harold D. Halpern

nternational Bible Contest  Yitzhak Gluckman

Book Review: The Seven Days of the Beginning by Elie Munk  Joseph Halpern